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The Vascular Institute of New York provides the most progressive and advanced care available for the treatment of vascular disease. Staffed with medical professionals specializing vascular surgery and interventional radiology who are able to detect and treat the widest variety of conditions stemming from vascular disease, the Vascular Institute of New York is one of most prestigious greater New York area providers in this specialty. In addition to providing patients the best care available in stroke prevention, aneurysm repair, and clearing blocked arteries, the Vascular Institute of New York fully encompasses all the sub-specialties in this area as well, including wound treatment, saving limbs, and removing varicose veins.
The Vascular Institute of New York participates in clinical trials, which gives our specialists even greater ability to offer the latest advances in the care of conditions related to vascular disease.


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There are many conditions and diseases related to the vascular system, and each has its own set of optimal treatment options. At the Vascular Institute of New York, our physicians and therapy team have access to most current and effective treatments available in the industry.

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